We bring your brand to Brazil.

• We create and execute strategies for: • We Create Brand recognition with:

– Sales @ large Retailers – Storytelling
– Sales @ regional retailers – Website
– Sales @ Distributors (For retail with Bad credit scores and small stores) – Social Midias
– Youtube Videos
• Direct sales via www.sincstore.com.br – TV's AD
• Direct sales via www.sincstore.com.br – Store Sales Promoters
• Direct sales via Amazon – Gifts for Costumers
• Direct sales via Mercado Livre – Lauching party for retailers
– Press Releases and Press interviews
– Globalks has branch office inside of Mercado Livre
– We provide Zero Freigth
– We provide 12x statements ZERO COST


• Via 1-800, receive and solve doubts and complain to end user costumers
• Monitoring and solve end user diputes thru www.reclameaqui.com.br
• Monitoring and solve end user diputes thru www.consumidor.gov
• Monitoring and solve end user diputes thru PROCOM (pre-legal/law suit)
• Open RMA request
• Monitoring costumers in Social Midias